Our Collections

We regularly receive donations of Crystal Palace memorabilia

Some of the most significant items and collections that we have received include:

A large collection of Crystal Palace memorabilia

Archives of Philip Newsam Linton OBE. He was the Officer-in-Charge of the 1940 Holding, Rest and Refugee Centre in Crystal Palace Park

A large collection of Crystal Palace souvenirs, over 500 3D images of the Crystal Palace and 3D equipment

A large collection of personal and Crystal Palace memorabilia from the Buckland family including the loan of dozens of images of Rockhills House for high resolution scanning

Two large EPNS meat platters from the Crystal Palace dining rooms

1864 Garibaldi scarf shown as being printed in the Crystal Palace

We also purchase important collections and individual items from our funds

A large collection of drawings, letters and documents from Raffaelle Monti. So as to ensure that the collection was professionally conserved and made publicly available we subsequently sold the collection to the Victoria & Albert Museum at no profit.
High resolution images of the collection are now available from us on CD at: http://www.crystalpalacefoundation.org.uk/shop/raffaele-monti-collection

The advertising showboard as shown below

2014 A large collection of images of organs from the Gray & Davison Company archive. Images of these are now available from us on CD. http://www.crystalpalacefoundation.org.uk/shop/music-religion/gray-davison-archive

A badged Crystal Palace Company soup bowl and two large collections of Crystal Palace memorabilia

Advertising Showboard

KGrHqNHJBUE8m4RgziBPZLDhPbw60_12This is one of the last surving examples of a Crystal Palace advertising display. It was probably made in Germany before 1911 of plaster and horse hair.

There is a label on the reverse with the following printed in faded red:THIS SHOW FRAME


Season Tickets & wallet


Three season tickets for the Crystal Palace

Stanhope Viewer

Crystal Palace view Stanhope or Stanho-scope_viewerThis Stanhope (or Stanho-scope) viewer in the style of a pen is made of ivory (very creamy coloured). They are also made from Bone (with multiple vein lines).

The extreme left of the top section contain a modified Stanhope lens inside which is a microphotograph approximately 2mm x 2mm...


Plaster plaque

Crystal Palace Plaster_wall_plaque

A Crystal Palace plaster wall plaque souvenir produced in Austria almost certainly before 1914

Stevengraph bookmark

crystal palace stevengraph silk Bookmark

Thomas Stevens produced many silk bookmarks and postcards with silk sections.
This example is particularly curious as it shows the intended rather than actual date of opening.


Choir badge


1913 Barnard Shield badge won by the Anerley Sunday School choir

Rimmel's Almanack


This Almanack dated 1855 would have been perfumed by the Rimmel's Fountain located in the Sydenham Crystal Palace building.

Inside shows various notable and religious anniversary dates throughout the year.

Tug-of-War cup

Crystal Palace Naval & military exhibition Tug_of_war_cup

Hallmarked Silver Cup. Engraved:
Naval & MIlitary Exhibition
Crystal Palace
Tug of War (Catchweights)
First Prize
3rd London R.V.

Crystal Palace cup

Crystal Palace Relay_Race_cup E. W. H. Hall 9 September 1922 Electro Plated Nickel Silver cup

Electro Plated Nickel Silver cup engraved:

Crystal Palace Sports half mile relay
E. W. H. Hall

Builders wages token

Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Company builders_wages_token

This token (numbered 458) issued by the Crystal Palace Company (1854-1909) would have been used as an employee and wages clocking in check.
Loss of this token for the worker would probably have been a case of no check - no wages !


Race circuit badges

Crystal Palace Motor_racing_badges

A collection of Crystal Palace motor-racing circuit badges. All are dated from the 1950s-1970s

Ginger Beer bottle

Crystal Palace Denby 1908 Ginger_beer_bottle

A Denby Pottery Ginger beer bottle dated 1908 and marked CRYSTAL PALACE on the neck.

I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of these were drunk at the Crystal Palace ?

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