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Great Exhibition Hyde Park 1851

What were the opening and closing dates of the Great Exhibition at Hyde Park?
1st May 1851 - 15th October 1851.

Is the Albert Memorial the official memorial to the Great Exhibition?
No it isn't. The official memorial is actually a statue behind the Royal Albert Hall.

Why could the Great Exhibition building not remain where it was. It would surely have been a great tourist attraction? 
Parliament told the designer Joseph Paxton that the building could only remain in Hyde Park for a maximum of six months. This he reluctantly agreed to.

Crystal Palace Park 1854-1936

What is the correct location that the Crystal Palace was moved to. Books variously say Sydenham, Penge, Anerley, Dulwich and even Forest Hill. Which is correct?
This is quite difficult to answer and books and films have all got a different view. The only certainty is the the building was located on an area known as Sydenham Ridge.

What were the grounds used for before the Crystal Palace was built?
Some areas were farmland and the rest were part of the Great North Wood (hence the name Norwood). There were two large mansions there already; Rockhills (where the Caravan Club site is now) and Penge Place (near the present Concert Platform).

What caused the 1936 fire that destroyed the Crystal Palace?
No-one really know the answer but there are many, many theories such as accident, arson, insurance fraud, disgruntled staff, government destruction, etc.
 Crystal Palace - Accident or Arson ? - The Crystal Palace Foundation

Crystal Palace Park 1936-today

What time does the park close?
The many different areas within the park have various times of opening throughout the year. Telephone Bromley Council for information.

Is there an admission charge for the dinosaur area?

Are motor-racing events still held in the park?
The last true motor race meeting was held on 23 September 1972 but there have been a number of motor events held since then. For the last few years the Sevenoaks & District Motor Club have held Time-Trials in May.

Where can I find the 2007 Masterplan Interpretation Strategy?
Click here to find it.