Our Collections

We have a large collection of oral history interviews on cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes and cds with transcriptions that we conducted between 1983 - 1993.

We regularly receive donations of Crystal Palace memorabilia

Some of the most significant items and collections that we have received include:

1979 - 1990
Collections of Crystal Palace memorabilia from members and friends of The Crystal Palace Foundation. These items were later donated to the Crystal Palace Museum

Large hand-made plaster model on a wood plinth of a Crystal Palace Hylaeosaurus

Large collection of Crystal Palace ephemera in 12 portfolios

A large collection of Crystal Palace memorabilia

Archives of Philip Newsam Linton OBE. He was the Officer-in-Charge of the 1940 refugee camp, British Expeditionary Force evacuation 'Plan Aerial' BEF rest camp and the French sailors internment camp in Crystal Palace Park

Notebook of Edwin Clarke, engineer who worked with Isambard Kingdom Brunel on the construction of the Crystal Palace water towers. Contains calculations and design sketches

A large collection of Crystal Palace souvenirs including over 500 3D stereo images of the Crystal Palace

A large collection of personal and Crystal Palace memorabilia from the Buckland family including the Armorial Bearings and documentation of Sir Henry James Buckland, manager of the Crystal Palace from 1914-1951 and the loan of dozens of images of 'Rockhills' for high resolution scanning

Two large EPNS meat platters from the Crystal Palace dining rooms

1864 Garibaldi scarf shown as being printed in the Crystal Palace

A large collection of international exhibition material

Author's research material for our publication Cricket at the Crystal Palace - W.G. Grace & The London County Cricket Club

Large collection of material from The Crystal Palace Campaign and The Big Willow Eco vilage

Large collection of Crystal Palace related material

We also purchase important collections and individual items from our funds

70 prints of the Crystal Palace – Hyde Park and Sydenham

A large collection of drawings, letters and documents relating to Raffaelle Monti at the Crystal Palace and elsewhere. So as to ensure that the collection was professionally conserved and made publicly available we subsequently sold the collection to the Victoria & Albert Museum at no profit.
These have been scanned at high resolution and are now available from us at:

The advertising showboard as shown below

A large collection of images of organs from the Gray & Davison Company archive. 
These have been scanned at high resolution and are now available from us at: http://www.crystalpalacefoundation.org.uk/shop/music-religion/gray-davison-archive

A badged Crystal Palace Company soup bowl and two large collections of Crystal Palace memorabilia

A 15 inch x 8 inch section of the Alhambra Court wall mosaic

Fishing Club awards

Awards__spoon_for_wwwCrystal Palace Fishing Club awards and souvenir spoon

Established in 1924 the Club is still in existence in the park today as a private fishing club.

First award: 2nd place. The Trustees Cup 1954-5

Bottom left: River Championship 1950

Bottom right: 2nd place. Norwood & District Summer Cup...


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