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Recollections of the 1950s

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Popular author John Holt - who also uses the non-de-plume Michael King - has once again put pen to paper, this time setting out to take readers back to a time when Britain and its people were just beginning to settle down after the vicissitudes suffered during and immediately after the Second World War.
In his previous book 'The 1940s Revisited', Michael King - using his own personal experiences, described the traumatic occurrences of the previous decade and how these affected him personally and the country at large.
'Recollections of the 1950s' is a nostalgic glance over the shoulder by this acclaimed author, who vividly describes what it was like to live in Britain during the 1950s.
The 1950s was a decade of change for particularly the younger generation in Britain. While parents found it difficult to cope with the changes in life-style which were taking place all around them, the younger element began to take on board with a vengeance, the opportunities that were becoming available to them and to sample experiences previously denied to their parents and grandparents.
However, there were other aspects of life in the 1950s, which proved irksome. National Service for young men was the order of the day and not every one enjoyed the drastic change in life-style which they were forced to take part in.
The decade saw the start of the new Elizabethan era and the conquering of Mount Everest for the very first time.
There were also times during the decade, when personal and national tragedy would affect the very fabric of the nation. The end of 1957 witnessed the Lewisham train crash, while the following year - on 6th February 1958 - eight Manchester United players died in the Munich Air Crash. Despite these tragic events, the decade was looked back upon as a period when there seemed to be a general feeling of security and stability, with families, in the main, being very close and supportive of each other. Authority was respected and deferred to inside the home and out and it was also safe to walk the streets at night.
'Recollections of the 1950s' is how one young man remembers this fascinating decade and in his own words, he echoes the feelings of many by saying, "I had tremendous fun and great times in the 1950s and I would not have wished to have spent my 'Young Man's Days' in any other decade".

Paperback 121 pages 23 illustrations