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Family Recollections

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By Eric Price

"In writing this little history of my life, I have endeavoured to give an account of my parentage, birth, and my service at Home and abroad in the Rifle Brigade, and a few of my experiences ... "

With these words, Band Sergeant Walter Edward Govier began recording his family history in 1901.

Govier had joined the 1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade as a Band Boy in 1879. Over the next 22 years, he was to travel the world with the Regiment. After he was discharged in 1901, he lived in Beckenham, Kent finding a job as a War Office Messenger and finally retiring in 1924.

Now Walter's personal recollections, originally recorded in three notebooks in his own fine, close hand, have been produced. As a result, you can join Walter on his travels from Beckenham to Malta and from the Crystal Palace to the Khyber Pass, experiencing along the way many of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of a Victorian soldier.

Paperback 100 pages 68 illustrations and plans