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South London Tramways

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By Robert J. Harley

This volume has been written to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the inauguration of the first London County Council electric tramway routes in South London. Street scenes from the Edwardian era are remarkably evocative of a way of life that is very extant to the modern Londoner. Trams, horse drawn carts and vans, cyclists, pedestrians and the odd motor car seem to mingle quite happily. Those twin evils of contemporary society – traffic congestion and environmental pollution caused by exhaust gases – were waiting on the horizon for the town planners of the future. One of their solutions to the problem of too many motorists fighting for too little metropolitan road space was to get rid of the electric trams, and the wisdom of this act has been questioned ever since.

Views included in this book cover the first thirty years of electric operation in South London.

Hardback 96 pages 120 illustrations and plans