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Paxton's Palace

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By Anthony Bird

Anthony completed this book shortly before his death in October 1974 and has become one of the true classics of Crystal Palace literature.

It is a remarkable account of the real 'story behind' one of the world's great spectacles. It has the drama of political and engineering intrigue and infighting, of personality clashes between men who were giant in their stature, and in the end it is a story of the triumph of Victorian engineering, expertise and enterprise, culminating in one of the most practical, graceful, magical buildings ever to appear in London.

One of the few books published about the Crystal Palace to describe the technicalities of the construction and the financial and political problems involved.

Second hand copies only but the condition of all is good to excellent. There may be inscriptions on the inside cover and possibly library markings or stamps. A rare and hard to find book in good condition.

Hardback 179 pages 26 illustrations