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George Grove 1820-1900

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A biography by Percy M. Young

Sir George Grove, engineer, administrator, archaeologist, musicologist, editor, lexicographer, educator and author, was one of the great Victorians. Into a life-span almost parallel to that of Queen Victoria, he crammed enough achievements to satisfy a dozen lesser men.

Though George Grove, 1820-1900, was never a professional musician - neither performer, composer nor teacher - his is one of the most familiar names in music: as founder of the great Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians and as first director of the Royal College of Music. Yet for most of his life, Grove's energies and achievments were reognised in quite other fields: trained as an engineer, he became known as a distiguished administrator (as secretary of the Royal Society of Arts, and secretary of the Crystal Palace at Sydenham), as a noted biblical scholarand founder of the Palestine Exploration Fund, as editor of the widely influential Macmillan's Magazine, and as a very familiar figure on the London cultural scene.

This book surveys Grove's achievments in the round, and the path that led to his musical eminence, incorporating new research and with supporting documentation and illustration, it throws fresh light on the newly emerging culture of classical music in the 19th century, with its attendant need for information, to which Grove responded with vision.

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