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Treetops & Terraces

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By Beryl Cheeseman

The memories of childhood throughout this book reflect a passage of time within all of us. As we grow older we tend increasingly to recall the more leisurely days of our youth. Now, for most of us, life has accelerated at such a fast pace that the simple pleasuresthat we once enjoyed are left far behind. The slow process of change to our lives happened without any of us really being aware of the alteration, but it did happen, and we now lookback in nostalgia, wishing we could recapture some of the gentler times that once we knew.

I have tried to create and re-capture a little of the atmosphere that existed in the earlier days, especially during the war years. Seemingly these dominated our formative years, even after victory when we lived through extreme austerity. I hope that within these pages there are heartfelt recollections that are appropriate to each and everyone of us.

With a comprehensive list of New Town names and streets

Paperback 144 pages 103 illustrations