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The Prince Consort

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By Godfrey and Margaret Scheele

At his death in 1861 at the early age of forty-two. Prince Albert left lasting memorials in the cultural life of Britain and in the character and tone of its Royal Family. A man of great skills, selfless appli­cation, wide intellectual interests and broad culti­vation, the Prince Consort shared, and often seemed to embody, the profound commitment to parlia­mentary government and social opportunity har­nessed to commercial and industrial advancement and scientific progress characteristic of enlighten 'd nineteenth-century thought. Yet during his own lifetime and for years after his death he was sur­prisingly unpopular in his adopted country, en­during cynical denigration as the German-born husband of Queen Victoria.

Twentieth-century opinion has begun to redress this imbalance, and Godfrey and Margaret Scheel's generously illustrated study is an important contri­bution to this revaluation. They reconstruct the secure and abundant world surrounding Prince Albert, while gauging his talents and interests by their practical results, from such private ventures as the creation of Balmoral to his public role as the moving spirit behind the Great Exhibition of 1851. The Prince Consort's influence on foreign affairs is re-assessed and fresh light is thrown upon the links to his native land, especially his hopes for a united, liberal Germany joined to England in an alliance dedicated to progress and enlightenment. 
A comprehensive portrait in words and pictures of the German prince who moulded so much of Victorian taste and life.

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Paperback 136 pages 155 colour and black and white illustrations and many family trees