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The Phoenix Suburb

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By Alan R. Warwick

A South London Social History

The first edition of this immensely readable and very popular local history book was first published in 1972.

We have obtained a few pre-owned copies.

This book is now very much a collectors item and is cherished by owners - so be careful not lend it as you may not get it back !

When Alan Warwick, a local historian who lived in Norwood all his life, wrote the book there were plenty of Londoners who could not quickly locate this area on a map and today the name Crystal Palace still means no more to some than the name of a bus terminus. The author, however, understood the art of looking at history through the eyes of the people who once lived here and he thus injected flesh and blood into his story.

In the 1970’s the book was a familiar sight in the houses of older residents and newcomers alike. It appealed to their imagination, it helped them to make sense of the present and they looked at many a familiar location with fresh eyes. There is every reason to believe that a new generation will embrace the book with the same enthusiasm.

The Phoenix Suburb gives us a unique taste of the time, it is excellently researched and contains many photographs. For anybody interested in local history it is a fascinating tale of rise and fall, and possibly resurgence, of a London suburb.

Now available at Bookseller Crow, Westow Street.

271 pages 55 illustrations