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1851 & the Crystal Palace 1950 edition

Price: £25.00

An account of the Great Exhibition and its contents; of Sir Joseph Paxton; and of its erection, the subsequent history and the destruction of his masterpiece, by Christopher Hobhouse

With the aid of many contemporary illustrations, this book tells the story of the glamour and absurdities of this the first international exhibition and how it came to be planned, of Brunel's proposal for a vast building of brick and iron, of how Joseph Paxton, the Duke of Devonshire's head gardener, came forward with his revolutionary scheme for a glass-house, fourteen acres in extent, how he finished the designs in a few days, forced them upon the Committees, beat down a fierce and powerful opposition, and rose to wealth and fame with the brilliant success of his design and the "glorious show" which it housed.

This is a "delicious essay" which falls little short of perfection in the delicacy of its sympathy, wit and irony and follows the fortunes of the Crystal Palace up to its destruction by fire in 1936.

The changing perspective of Victorian taste and exhibitions up to the present day is displayed in a long and spirited introduction by Osbert Lancaster.

PLEASE NOTE: These books were printed simultaneously in England and the United States of America inĀ 1950. The contents of both versions are however exactly the same. All the copies have been purchased from high-class antique book dealers and are therefore of good quality. Second hand books are however subject to the usual problems - light foxing and / or lightly stained pages, loose or missing spines and the page edges, etc may not be perfect. Where available the jackets may not be perfect (and we may not have any in stock with a jacket). The pages and pull-outs however are always fully secure. The best available copy of the book will be sent in all cases.

181 Pages hardback 48 illustrations (some foldouts) (same for both editions)