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Le Blond print - 1854

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This is one of two views of the Crystal Palace at Sydenham printed by Le Blond & Co in 1854 under licence from George Baxter who had patented the first commercially viable method of colour printing in 1835.

When Baxter’s patent was renewed he was advised to sell licences to use the process and Le Blond was the first printer to purchase one in 1849. These prints were produced from an engraved steel plate and then between 10-15 wood or metal relief blocks to add each individual colour, and all done on hand presses.

This is a view that poses an interesting conundrum.
The gardens are shown looking south west from Crystal Palace Park Road before the construction of the houses in 1869, (it even shows the flag pole in the centre of the Rosary), but the Crystal Palace itself is a view from Crystal Palace Parade! What Le Blond seems to have done is turn the Crystal Palace around to show it from a more pleasing perspective rather than the boring Crystal Palace Parade.

The prints are in excellent antique condition with possibly minor age spots or toning. The colours are as fresh and pristine as the day they were printed having been stored away from direct sunlight for the last 170 years.

These are genuine original prints from 1854 and NOT reprints

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2in x 3in (5.5cm x 9.5cm)