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The Rich are with you always

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By Malcolm MacDonald

The second novel in the classic Stevenson family saga, The Rich Are With You Always is the epic story of two families at the height of the railroad boom, where the lives of the Victorian people rose economically and set in motion forces of passion and struggle that would define a people.

At a time when fabulous fortunes could be made through the will of a strong man or the wiles of a beautiful woman, the driving ambitions of the Stevensons finally bring them to the center of dazzling power and position. But their fate becomes more and more entwined with that of their friends, the Thorntons repressed and pious Arabella and secretive, sex-obsessed Walter as whispers of scandal and disgrace threaten to bring them all to ruin.

It was a great story of the Victorian age in England & the industrialization of the railway systems. Both of the Stevensons pulled themselves up from VERY humble beginnings to become one of the richest families in England, & railway tycoons. There 1s a great deal of detail on the machinery etc involved, as well as the financials, & it is also a good look into how the merchant class lived.

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