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Halfway to Heaven (hardback)

Price: £10.99

By Peter Ling. Edited for historical accuracy by CPF chairman Melvyn Harrison.

A novel set in Upper Norwood.

Saga of two South London families set between the wars and focusing on the few square miles of London near Crystal Palace.

London between the wars is the setting for this powerful saga of two families and the secrets from the past that threaten their future.

When Daphne de Witt married Ted Watkins the two families were torn apart. Daphne had married beneath herself, and her mother's disapproval drove a rift through the family, leaving Daphne no choice but to cut off all contact from the people she loved. Despite this, she and Ted Watkins were happy in their terraced house, until Ted's success as a popular comic puts the marriage under threat. When she takes in a lodger to help make ends meet Daphne unwittingly forges a new connection between the two families. This is no healing link, but an evil bringing a devastating shame to the de Witts, as its far reaching consequences begin to destroy both families... 

Contains much factual detail about the history of the Crystal Palace and grounds during the inter-war years culminating in the 1936 fire.

592 pages hardback