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The Salvation Army

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A Religious Tapestry in Britain and India

by Tony Fletcher

This book investigates the Salvation Army’s involvement in utilising film and lantern slides between 1897-1929 in order to advance their work and credo in Britain, India and Ceylon.

As a religious organisation they were pioneers in using these mediums to promote their cause from the late Victorian period.

The book shows hows the Salvation Army Cinematograph Department was opened in 1891 after a magic lantern display at the Crystal Palace. There is much detail and illustrations in the book about the Salvation Army at the Crystal Palace.

The first two parts of the book detail the Army’s use of the cinematograph in the British Isles while Part III mainly concerns the social work undertaken with the criminal tribes in India.

In order to tell this fascinating story Tony Fletcher has mainly used the words of the Salvationists themselves, writing and speaking about their experiences.

This book also highlights the important role played by Henry Howse, who was instrumental in starting both the Cinematograph and the Lantern departments of the Salvation Army, and in overseeing their operations in the late 1890′s and early 1900s.

Paperback 100 pages nearly 200 illustrations