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The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection

Price: £11.00

Starring Stanley Holloway (Sam Small) and Betty Davis (Betty Small)

The film was made at Ealing Studios by City Films. The film's sets were designed by R. Holmes Paul.

For lovers of Crystal Palace history and brass bands this two-disk set is definately for you.

The brass band of the northern England town of Hechdyke travel south to London to compete in a national contest. In the capital Sam Small becomes mixed up in a series of adventures including a plot to steal Lady Heckdyke's (Amy Veness) pearls and the romantic relationship between Heckdyke's son (Leslie Bradley) and Small's cousin Betty. Mistakenly arrested for the theft of the pearls, Small has to race to reach The Crystal Palace in time for the competition. The Crystal Palace scenes really were shot in the Crystal Palace and grounds as the kind permission of the Crystal Palace Trustees is acknowledged.

67 minutes

The other three films on this two DVD set are:
* Eureka Stockade (1949) 99 minutes -
Australian Gold-Rush drama
* Take a Chance (1937) 71 Minutes -
English horse-racing drama
* The Gaunt Strangers (1937) 71 minutes -
English murder mystery