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Frederick William Holloway

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World premiere recording of organ works by the English late Romantic composer Frederick William Holloway (former Crystal Palace organist) on a H.J.Nelson organ.

Frederick William Holloway was born in 1873, he died on 20 January 1954, aged 80. A Fellow of the Royal College of Organists at 19 and Assistant Organist at Crystal Palace at twenty, He was organist of St Paul's, Herne Hill 1892-1909 moving to All Saints, Dulwich where he remained for a remarkable 41 year span up to 1950 combining this for part of the time (1932-49) with the conductorship of the Crystal Palace Choral and Orchestral Society. He was actually rehearsing the Choral Society when the Palace caught fire. While all escaped, the organ (IV/67 Gray & Davison and Walker, built 1871 and 1920) and the music collections of Holloway and the Handel Festival were destroyed. His works were numerous being mainly for voices, piano and organ.

Markus Eichenlaub dedicates a complete CD recording to this (almost completely) forgotten composer.

Stylistically Holloway's works can hardly deny their British origin. However, what the trained ear will notice are numerous reminiscences of large French colleagues. You can hear Franck, Widor, and especially Alexandre Guilmant, and in the large-scale symphonic works there are even little echoes of Bruckner.

The organ used for the present recording also comes from England, but has found its home in Germany. The instrument built by H.J.Nelson (1904) is located today in Gackenbach in the Westerwald and has been enlarged according to plans by Ralf Cieslik over the past few years, while almost exclusively historical pipe work was used. The instrument is extremely versatile and a stunning "power machine". In 2009, an English-style high-pressure tuba based on original models was installed.

Music, artist and instrument form a very successful unit.

* Introduction and Allegro concertante G major
* Cantilène E minor [Op. 33]
* Courante en forme de canon A minor [Op. 58]
* Concert Toccata D minor [Op. 33]
* Duo F major [Op. 58]
* Allegretto leggiero F major [Op. 57]
* Andante sinfonico D flat major [Op. 48]
* Allegretto grazioso F major [Op. 49]
* Andante and Finale fugato G minor [Op. 17]
* Symphony - Introduction and Allegro agitato C minor [Op. 47]
* Symphony - Andante - Fugato C minor [Op. 47]
* Symphony - Scherzo - Molto vivace E flat major [Op. 47]
* Symphony-Finale - Moderato maestoso - Allegro vivace C minor [Op. 47]

Total playing time - 79 minutes 11 seconds