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Crystal Palace Park Heritage Trail 2

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By London Borough of Bromley

The Geological Time Trail

It is now known that the Earth was created some 4600 million years ago, and that life appeared at least 3000 million year ago. This early life was primitive, and it was only at around 560 million years ago did the first really abundant life appear. Although geologists cannot be sure exactly how old rocks are, they can date rocks from this later period of the Earth's development by looking at the fossil plants and animal they contain. In Paxton's day, geologists divided the time of abundant life into three major periods: the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary epochs. Similar divisions, Palaeozoic (old life), Mesozoic (middle life) and Cenozoic (new life) are still used by geologists today. Accordingly, when designing the geological area of the park , Paxton constructed a series of islands grouped in and around the lake to represent the rocks, animals and plants from these times – a geological time trail.

The trail starts opposite the Information Centre, (Thicket Road entrance). Take the path past the cafe and the gorilla statue to the right of the fishing lake, until you find yourself in front of the new boat house.

Paperback 11 pages 12 illustrations and detailed park and Time Trail plans