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Great Exhibitions

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By Trevor May

The story of:
The Great Exhibition at Hyde Park and the Crystal Palace exhibition building at Sydenham

The White City exhibitions

The British Empire Exhibition 1924 & 1925

The Festival of Britain, 1951

The Millenium Dome (now the O2)

In 1851 the Great Exhibition opened in Hyde Park, showcasing the technical and design triumphs of the age. The Crystal Palace, where it was held, was in itself a wonder of design and engineering, and the combined glories of the Great Exhibition set the standard for other similar extravaganzas, such as those held in Paris in 1889 and 1900 and in Chicago in 1893. Britain hosted another event celebrating its empire’s achievements in 1924/5, and in 1951 the Festival of Britain was a massive success, lifting the spirits of a nation and paving the way for the optimism and increasing affluence of the 1950s and ’60s. Trevor May tells the stories behind these undertakings designed to dazzle visitors with technical, national and international progress, and also that of the Millennium Experience and its attempts to do the same.

64 pages Paperback 200 illustrations