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Middlesex Wanderers football club

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By Brian Wakefield

The history of Middlesex Wanderers is synonymous with the spread of football around the World. Starting with the vision of the Alaway brothers and a few enthusiasts, Richmond Town Wanderers became Middlesex Wanderers and ventured on tours to Europe teaching the game to all they met, developing good fellowship through sport. One hundred years later, Middlesex Wanderers is still touring across the World and still pursuing the same philosophy.

This special centenary publication traces the history of the Club from its origins in Richmond in 1905, the many foreign football tours, including its most recent exploits in Japan as part of the Centenary celebrations and also the many other activities that have made the Club - Rowing Regattas, Golf, Cricket and the Annual Dinner.

All copies in pefect 'just off the printing press' condition.

193 pages dozens of colour and black & white photographs