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Crystal Palace Education Pack

Price: £20.00

by Linda Robinson and Lynne Dixon

The aim of this pack, produced and published by the Trustees of the Crystal Palace Foundation, is to provide a range of resources and teaching ideas which can be used flexibly by teachers in their topic or subject based work. The pack has an historical focus but includes material relevant to other National Curriculum subjects. It includes teaching structures and ideas for what used to be called Keystage (KS) 1 and 2, (including suggestions for a Supplementary Study Unit on Crystal Palace on KS2) and copies of source materials (including documents, maps, transcripts, illustrations and photographs. Even though the pack was created mainly for the old KS1 & 2 it will be of interest to all.

There are seven sections in the pack.
1. General (Teachers' background materials)
2. The Fire
3. The Building and the Grounds
4. Activities at Crystal Palace
5. The Impact of the Palace
6. KS1 Section
7. Maps

197 pages hardback ringbound binder 36 illustrations, 20 fold-out maps, plans and diagrams