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3D Expo 1862

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3D EXPO 1862 guides you back through time to visit the magnificent International Exhibition of 1862, held in South Kensington, London. You rotate the book anti-clockwise 90° to turn the clock back to 1862, and arrive at the Exhibition in Cromwell Road. Fold out the magic stereo window in the cover. As you look through the glass lenses at the rare stereoscopic photographs, you’ll experience a remarkable feeling of presence; it’s just as though you were there. You follow floor plans, walk round the exhibits and encounter other visitors in spectacular 3D. This presence is enhanced by colour; many of the stereoscopic and other photographs are delicately hand-tinted. The visual experience is accompanied by intriguing first-hand reports written in 1862 by visitors to the Exhibition. Their delightful Victorian English adds atmosphere and combines with the beautifully reproduced photographs to bring the event alive in a unique and captivating way. 3D EXPO 1862 is a magic guide to the International Exhibition and time travel.

The International Exhibition of 1862 attracted exhibitors and visitors from all parts of the world.
3D EXPO 1862 contains stereoscopic photographs of exhibits from Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Norway, Prussia, Rome (then a separate entity), Russia, Sweden, Tasmania, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Zollverein (now part of Germany).

The stereo viewer, in the book cover, has glass magnifying lenses that reinforce the feeling of being at the Exhibition.
StereoWorld Review 2007

Hardback. 112 pages 109 illustrations 50 of which are colour and sepia stereo views. All copies are factory sealed.