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The art & science of Crystal Palace dinosaurs

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by Dr Mark Witton and Dr. Ellinor Michel

The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, a series of thirty-seven incredible sculptures of prehistoric animals and geological displays, were unveiled to the public as part of the famous Crystal Palace Park in 1854. The display, which includes iconic depictions of rhinoceros-like dinosaurs, regal extinct mammals, serpentine marine reptiles and giant, frog-like amphibians, captured a snapshot of palaeontology from a golden era of scientific discovery in the mid-nineteenth century. Today, they are internationally recognized as a milestone in our portrayals of extinct life.

The book celebrates these classic scientific artworks and explores: their history, their conception as a wider part of the Crystal Palace project, their execution using unorthodox building materials, their reception by nineteenth century and modern critics, and their enduring mysteries.

Hundreds of historic and modern photos and original paintings show modern scientific visions of the extinct animals restored.

Written in collaboration with and in support of the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs charity, the book gives a detailed history of these world-famous sculptures, reinforcing their status as masterworks of education and palaeoartistry.

The Crystal Palace Foundation participated in the production of this book in providing a number of rare illustrations from our archives.

Hardback 192 pages Hundreds of colour and black & white illustrations