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Norwood pubs

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By John Coulter

The three contrasting London suburbs of West, South and Upper Norwood were founded early in the nineteenth century on what previously been open common. The area only had a handful of country pubs until then, but as the three communities developed large numbers of new ones were built to serve the growing population. In its Victorian heyday Norwood had well over 100 hotels, inns, taverns and beerhouses, fewer than half of which survive today.

This book, the product of extensive research among original records, tells the story of all, living and dead, of which the names have been recorded. Ninety of these pubs are featured among more than 100 fascinating illustrations, which range in date from 1786 to 2006. This should prove a valuable work of reference for anyone interested in Norwood or the history of pubs in general.

128 pages paperback dozens of illustrations