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Croydon books

Price: £12.00

There are six books included in this pack.

1. Lyson's history of Croydon - 42 pages, 3 illustrations, 1 map
Lyson's history was originally published in 1792 as part of The Environs of London: being an historical account of the towns, villages and hamlets within 12 miles of the capital; interspersed with biographical anecdotes by The Rev. Daniel Lysons A.M., F.A.S. and includes a resume of Lyson's life

2. Walford's history of Croydon Parish - 26 pages, 6 illustrations, 1 map

3. Walford's history of Croydon Palace - 26 pages, 8 illustrations

4. Walford's history of The Whitgift Hospital and other Croydon charities - 18 pages, 6 illustrations

5. Walford's history of Croydon Town and suburbs - 30 pages, 5 illustrations, 1 map
Walford's histories were originally published in 1883-84 as the four chapters of the History of Croydon by Edward Walford M.A.. Each book contains a resume of Walford's life

 6. Picturesque Croydon & Beddington - 34 pages, 9 illustrations
Originally published in 1902 as the final chapter of Gibson Thompson's book "Picturesque Surrey"

All these books are paperback

The books are also available individually at £2.50 each. Please email: