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The Racing at the Crystal Palace

Price: £10.00

Author: Unknown but who ever compiled the sections was very thorough in their work. There are no dates, addresses or identifiers of any sort in any of the sections and there is no record of it being published or made available before.

The Crystal Palace Foundation purchased the sections in two very tatty and rusty ringbinders in 2015. They contained the following:

  • A beautifully hand-written and detailed commentary giving lap times and the full results of all Crystal Palace motor races from April 1937 to August 1939 consisting of 200 pages and 174 images cut from magazines and a small circuit map
  • A handwritten list of international racing results from 1899 to 1930 - 49 pages
  • 'On Road and Track' - A series of drawings by F. Gordon-Crosby cut from issues of The Autocar - 7 pages and 12 drawings
  • 'Winners All' - A series of drawings by Frederic Nevin cut from issues of The Motor - 6 pages and 10 drawings
  • A Guardian Newspaper Obituary for Luigi Villoresi dated 28 August 1987

The sections have scanned at 600dpi.

As all this makes for a large and bulky document we think that it is easier (and certainly much cheaper!) to make it available on disk rather than in paper form.

262 pages and 196 images in total