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Crystal Palaces - Visions of Splendour

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by Ronald S Ely

This book highlights the way in which the Hyde Park Crystal Palace of 1851 and it's successor, the Sydenham Crystal Palace, built in 1854, brought visions of splendour to all sorts of people, working class and Royalty, grown ups and children alike, in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Both buildings were masterpieces in their own right although, in order to do them proper justice, a passing mention has been made concerning the antecedents of these wonderful places, these were the Great Conservatory and the Victoria Regis House, both at Chatsworth in Derbyshire. The reason that these have been included these earlier creations is that one person bound them together with his imagination, skill and ability, Sir Joseph Paxton, a noted horticulturalist, landscape gardener and designer / architect.

Included are chapters dealing with the railways and road transport systems serving the two palaces and, as far as the Sydenham Crystal Palace was concerned, detail concerning damage by caused by wind, fire and war.

A cornucopia of facts and figures about both buildings not readily found in other publications. 

A four page comprehensive index is included.

129 pages paperback 22 illustrations