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Crystal Palace Matters - issue 38

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This magazine is mailed out four times a year to our members. It is also available to purchase.

This was the last issue of the original run of Crystal Palace Matters before it ceased publication in favour of New Crystal Palace Matters and the occasional Crystal Palace Foundation News. Eleven issue of New Crystal Palace Matters magazines were published before it to had to cease publication in 1998 due to rising costs (approximately £1,000 per issue).

Crystal Palace Foundation News continues to be published to this day. 

It was decided in the Winter of 2005/2006 to return to the original Crystal Palace Matters title and format which continues to be published quarterly to this day.

The men who built the Crystal Palace at Sydenham
Stan Hall (Obituary)
Crystal Palace Post Office
Claude Grahame-White
British Empire Exhibition, Wembley
Crystal Palace shooting gallery
Battersea Park
Crystal Palace in the 1860s
Music at the Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace motorcycle training school
Mrs J. A. Cook memories
Baby incubators at the Festival of Empire
Ballymaclinton at the Crystal Palace
Sunday opening of the Crystal Palace
Horniman conservatory (Coombe Cliff)