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Crystal Palace Information Pack

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by Linda Robinson and Lynne Dixon.

Produced and published by The Crystal Palace Foundation, to provide a wide range of information and resources for all.

The pack includes a vast amount of information and documentation on the history of the Crystal Palace.
* Copies of documents
* 12 fold-out A3 size maps, plans and diagrams of the park and environs (from 1896-1992)
* 60 pages of oral history transcripts, copies of pages from contemporary guide books, newspapers, advertisements and timetables
* 37 high quality colour and black & white illustrations and photographs.

There are six chapters in the pack.
1. General (Background information on the Palace and the people, important events and dates, etc)
2. The 1936 Fire
3. The Building and the Grounds
4. Activities at Crystal Palace
5. The Impact of the Palace
6. Maps

Over 180 pages in a smart, hardback 4-ring binder.