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Crystal Palace - Accident or Arson ?

Price: £12.99

By Robert H. Knowles 

The cause of the conflagration that destroyed the Sydenham Crystal Palace on 30th November 1936 has intrigued many people and has been the subject of many a debate since that fateful night. 

Here, aided by transcriptions of original documents and new interviews, along with fresh information and his well-researched account of events, the late Robert Knowles points us in new directions and gives us many fascinating new insights.

His account will, nevertheless, leave us pondering… 

Was this calamitous event an accident, or was it arson…?

Also included in the book are ten sections of information compiled by Crystal Palace Foundation Chairman, Melvyn Harrison, that were not available to Robert when he compiled the book.

Reader reviews:
"10 out of 10"
"Arson theory is thoroughly well researched and argued"
"Great read and value for money"        Alan Leventhall

What, on the surface, could have been a relatively mundane investigation is transformed into an immensely readable book through the calm, straightforward approach of Robert H Knowles. In an almost Poirot-esque fashion he lays out the known facts, reports on the possible theories and investigates what could, or could not, be probable. The result is a fascinating collection of news, interviews and testimony that allows the reader to comprehend facts, without bulldozing an opinion. It must have taken many years of exhausting, extensive research to gather the information, but never is this about Knowles. Instead, his consistently humble approach shines light on the main players without judgement but with empathy and understanding of the place, the time and the circumstance. It’s a terrible shame that Knowles never got to see his work published. It’s a beautiful legacy from him and a must-read for anyone vaguely interested in the Crystal Palace or British society at the end of Empire.                                              Alan Pottinger

Exclusive to this online purchase, you'll receive a complimentary copy of the popular Crystal Palace Foundation publication, The Crystal Palace is on Fire! by Alison Edwards and Keith Wyncoll. The Crystal Palace is on Fire! - The Crystal Palace Foundation

124 pages. Paperback 

Crystal Palace - Accident or Arson? is also available from Bookseller Crow on the Hill, Westow Street, London, SE19.