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Recipients of International Exhibition Medals - 1862

Price: £11.99

By Leslie Lewis Allen.

Originally published by The Crystal Palace Foundation as a single volume which is now out of print.

We have been given exclusive permission by the late author's family to split the book into two distinct volumes.

This is a detailed alphabetical compilation of the awards made by Her Majesty's Commissioners at the South Kensington Exhibition of 1862 and of staff employed at the exhibition

Now with a copy of 'An Act to prevent false Representations as to the Grants of Medals or Certificates made by the Commissioners for the Exhibitions of 1851 and 1862.'

This meticulously produced volume is a companion to 'The World's Show - Coincraft's Catalogue of Crystal Palace Medals and Tokens, 1851 - 1936' also by Leslie.

For anyone researching medal winners or a family connection with the 1862 Exhibition this book is a must.

Available on CD, memory stick or printed (WILL BE SENT UNBOUND) (Please advise which is required on your order)

Over 108 pages. paperback