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Post cards and collectibles of the Festival of Britain

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By George Simner and Bill Tonkin

This is an in depth study of picture post cards and souvenirs of the Festival of Britain.

Hundreds of publishers are included and thousands of cards explained.

It quantifies the huge number of different images used by the publishers and shows that many of these representations were pirated from fellow publishers.

There are images of the Festival and peripheral events and personalities and much more. Backs of cards are illustrated together with many strange peculiarities and variations created by publishers.

There is a cross referencing index to enable the reader to find cards of specific events.

Many extensive collections of Festival of Britain Postcards have been used to compile this significant reference work

This is truly a bible for Festival of Britain historians and postcard collectors alike.

Awarded the Desmond Chamberlain Trophy for outstanding research.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a picture book of Festival of Britain postcards - it is an in depth research study and collectors checklist. It shows many type variations, lists publishers and shows some views.

192 pages hundreds of illustrations

Available on a memory stick as a pdf