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Picture Postcards & their Publishers

Price: £25.00

By Anthony Byatt

This very rare book, many years out of print hardly ever comes up for sale.

An illustrated account identifying Britain's major postcard publishers 1879 - 1939 and the great variety of postcards they issued.

For forty years picture postcard collections that had been the pride and joy of our Edwardian fathers lay forgotten in dusty attics. Many were given to jumble sales or, worse, consigned to the dustbin.

Now a new generation has discovered their fascination, and they are once again eagerly sought after. Unfortunately, the inter­vening decades have obliterated the histories of the cards, their artists and their publishers.

Anthony Byatt has painstakingly unearthed much of this history, and this book gives all collectors the opportunity to share in his fascinating, sometimes surprising, discoveries.

He has correctly identified the major publishers for the first time, and put their cards in their proper context. He has discovered new artists never previously connected with postcards, and has brought to life the men who issued the cards.

Even the most knowledgeable collectors and dealers will. learn a great deal from this book, which is bound to change the postcard catalogues. Every cartologist who buys it will find his pleasure in his collection greatly increased.

Helpful assistance is given in the collecting, and planning of a collection and identifiying publishers, series names, trade marks, and artists, 

The seven indices are detailed and numerous.

* Over 250 postcard publishers are described
* Over 360 illustrations of postcards (some in colour) and trademarks

Many publishers of Crystal Palace postcards are indentified and described. 

391 pages hardback