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Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Price: £8.99

by Jill Michelle Smith and Jennifer Watson

Can you imagine never having heard of a dinosaur before? 
Step back in time and discover the story of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs - the world's first dinosaur park!

Still standing in Crystal Palace Park today, the fabulous and fascinating creatures in this book were built as life-sized sculptures in 1854 and show how the Victorians thought prehistoric life would have looked and lived.

Discover fourteen extraordinary extinct dinosaurs, reptiles and mammals, brought to life through vibrant illustrations and amusing rhymes.

Introducing the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs to young readers for the first time, this picture book is a must have for little explorers and budding palaeontologists everywhere! 
Recommended by both KS1 and KS2 teachers, learn about some of the first fossils ever discovered, how they were brought to life and the people that shaped our understanding of natural history today, including Mary Anning, Charles Darwin and Richard Owen.

23 pages 35 full colour drawings paperback