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The Adventures of Charles

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by J. J. Brown

Early experiences in the life of Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834 - 1892).

It was written for younger readers in mind, and is attractively illustrated with numerous drawings by Susan Broder. It is very appealing and inspiring, and will probably be devoured in one sitting, it is so captivating in content. It is a ideal book to give to youth as an introduction to the great preacher and his influential ministry which continues in this century via his sermons and other writings. The language is simple, the chapters are short, and the real life experiences of young Charles are better than fiction or fantasy.

Includes a free copy of 'Forward in Faith - The history of Spurgeon's College in South Norwood' by Judy Powles (15 pages paperback 32 illustrations)

58 pages paperback 30 illustrations