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Crystal Palace Vistas

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An interesting book based not in the Crystal Palace area as the title and cover picture would suggest but around Portland Road and South Norwood High Street

Mr Hutchings lived at 32 Dundee Road (off Portland Road) from 1915 until 1925, his first ten years. The upwardly mobile family, originally from the East End, then moved across the railway lines to Pagehurst Road, on the Woodside/Addiscombe borders, where:- ‘Our sitting-room became the lounge, dinner moved from midday to evening, the Daily Mail was superseded by the Daily Telegraph, and my parents gave up whist and took to bridge’.

Mr Hutchings gives a vivid account of South Norwood in the years between 1918 and 1925, paying particular attention to the strange religious sects that flourished there, and to the larger than life shopkeepers of Portland Road and the High Street.

Second hand good condition hard-back copy of the large print edition.