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The Book of Penge, Anerley & Crystal Palace

Price: £19.99

The Community, Past, Present & Future

by Peter Abbott & the Anerley Writers Circle

The Book of Penge, Anerley & Crystal Palace unfolds a panorama of fascinating, near unbelievable and occasionally bizarre events which have taken place in the area. Readers are invited to reflect upon the causes and effects of such events and ways in which things can be improved in the future.

The area's history is charted back over 1,000 years; the book outlines the unprecedented development since the early-1800s, local setbacks on a catastrophic scale and comebacks reflecting the gritty determination of its people.

Anyone living in the district cannot fail to be aware of the ups and downs which Penge, Anerley and Crystal Palace have suffered; from the canal which launched the area to prosperity, the railways which strengthened its wealth, and the Palace which crowned it, to the dastardly deeds which set it back over a century, as well as those topics so central to life today - family, neighbourhood, social structure, business and law enforcement. Each of these subjects is explored in some depth, not just to set the records straight, but also to reflect how many incredible improvements are being effected every day and in so many different ways.

Penge, Anerley & Crystal Palace: The Community, Past, Present & Future is a reflection of times past and a celebration of the continuing sense of belonging that exists in the community. By retracing the past and honouring the memories of those who went before us, we acknowl­edge the ties that link us from generation to generation.

This is a very rare book that only occasionally becomes available

PLEASE NOTE: All the copies have been purchased from high-class antique book dealers and are therefore of good quality. Second hand books are however subject to the usual problems - light foxing and / or lightly stained pages, loose or missing spines and the page edges, etc may not be perfect. Where available the jackets may not be perfect (and we may not have any in stock with a jacket). The pages are always fully secure. The best available copy of the book will always be sent.

160 pages. Over 200 historic photographs, maps and illustrations. Hardback.