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Victorian Antiques Checklist

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By Eric Knowles

This series of fully illustrated guides makes the world of antiques accessible as never before. Collectors today are not satisfied with a purely historical approach - particularly when they need information "on the spot". These guides to individual collecting areas offer a uniquely fast and accurate way to recognise, identify and date antiques. In each book a simple question-and-answer checklist is provided for a wide range of representative items, teaching you what to look for, as well as how to distinguish between the genuine article and a fake, an original and a copy. The checklist is accompanied by a detailed analysis, a concise history and factors that affect the value of the piece. Every price code has been updated where necessary for this new edition.

You may know that Queen Victoria went into deep mourning on the death of her husband Prince Albert, but what exactly is mourning jewellery? How do you know whether the piece you are looking at is Victorian? Is the black material real jet or just black glass?

The Miller's Victorian Antiques Checklist answers all such questions, with its analysis of the major collecting categories in England and the United States, including furniture, glass, ceramics, sculpture, jewellery, silver, metalwork and textiles. Each double-page "spread" shows how to identify and date an exemplary piece using the question and answer process unique to the Checklists, and then examines similar wares made in the same region or by the same craftsman or factory, and discusses stylistic variations, fakes, contemporary and modern copies and condition. A special section looks at a range of inexpensive but highly collectable decorative objects and ephemera of the period.

Miller's Victorian Antiques Checklist is the ideal tool for all those who wish to collect with confidence and to enjoy the experience of collecting.

Many references to Great Exhibition 1851 souvenirs.

Hardback 192 pages 204 illustrations