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ZhongRong proposals for Crystal Palace Park

ZhongRong Group: Crystal Palace Park proposals

Background. In 2007 the London Development Agency (LDA) submitted a planning application to Bromley for the Crystal Palace Park Masterplan. The Secretary of State called in the application, and between 7 July and 9 September 2009 it was the subject...


Bigger Picture gallery

Bigger_Picture_GalleryCommission from sales will helps support the local library in Crystal Palace. Open each weekend from 10.00am until 4.00pm.
We have work to buy from £45.00 by 8 artists from the local area and a guest artist from Brighton - Keira Rathbone...


Friends of Crystal Palace Subway


Contact Sue Giovanni 07956 861052 or

Houses, Cats and Nightingales at the Crystal Palace

Houses, Cats and Nightingales at the Crystal Palace It is not generally well known that the first cat show in the world was held at the Crystal Palace by English gentleman and artist Harrison Weir in July 1871. What is well known however, that for many years following that famous...