What are we trying to do?

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs has simple aims:

  • promote long-term conservation of the dinosaurs and raise funds in support of this aim
  • encourage research, interpretation, engagement, and access related to the dinosaurs
  • work with other stakeholders towards broader aims in Crystal Palace Park

The term “dinosaurs” refers to the sum total of the approximately thirty paleontological statues, five geological displays, and related landscaping in the vicinity of the tidal lake in Crystal Palace Park.

What’s our strategy?

Our strategy is straightforward:

  1. lobby Bromley Council and English Heritage to commission a proper survey of the conservation needs
  2. fundraise to support this work
  3. make sure the conservation work is done, done properly, and completed to a high standard
  4. continue to fundraise to support long-term conservation

At the same time, we are working on plans for research and interpretation. We continue to raise issues related to access and visitor support. We also are discussing ways to expand engagement, such as through online resources and community activity.

Who are we?

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs is a group of local residents who have regular contact with the park and the dinosaurs. We see firsthand, with our own eyes, the state of the dinosaurs and their surroundings.

We are volunteers. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to help and if you have skills that you think we could benefit from.


Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs (“Friends”) came together in 2013.

We are a UK Registered Charity.