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Yesterday Once More

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By Croydon Advertiser

FOR nearly 125 years the Croydon Advertiser has faithfully recorded the changing shape and times of the town through our news pages. Often the passage of time has swept away memories of those days. But our pho­tographs continue to provide an interesting and fascinating, and sometimes amusing record of those times. Recently, we have been running a series of old pictures, captured on glass photographic plates, entitled Yesterday Once More. The series has proved to be extremely popular with readers and we have been able to produce reprints of some of our best photographs.

In this book we have looked at Yesterday Once More and concentrated upon one era of Croydon life: the years immediately prior to the Second World War and the early weeks of the Phoney War itself. It was a time that cap­tured a lot of excitement and hope. But it also became quickly foreshadowed by the advent of war.

Our photographers captured the spirit of adventure when Croydon's airport was still a major force in aviation history. We were there when Amy Johnson landed and we were there again when two Japanese fliers were feted for their epic air journey. But within a few years Amy Johnson had died in a crash and the Japanese Air Force had become our enemy.

Our cameramen also recorded the tragic aftermath of the Crystal Palace fire when the flames twisted and wrecked a major tourist attraction and landmark. But we also recorded the smiles and faces of people at Purley Swimming Pool: again a now-vanished piece of local history. And when war was declared our photographers were again on hand to record the emotional scenes as children were evacuated to the countryside to avoid the bombing raids.

Those times are all recaptured and faithfully reprinted, Yesterday Once More.

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Paperback 42 pages 43 illustrations