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Victorian Britain cards (HoL)

Price: £4.99

The Crystal Palace Foundation has purchased a limited quantity of packs of Victorian Britain PHQ cards (PHQ 104) handstamped House of Lords 8 September 1987. The cards were designed by Mike Dempsey, FCSD and were first issued on 25 August 1987.

The card fronts illustrate:
18p (PHQ 104(a) – Queen Victoria (1842), The Great Exhibition, Grace Darling, The Monarch of the Glen
22p (PHQ 104(b) – Queen Victoria (1859), Prince Albert, Beeton’s Book of Household Management, The Great Eastern
31p (PHQ 104(c) – Queen Victoria (1862), Albert Memorial, Benjamin Disraeli, The Ballot Act
34p (PHQ 104(d) – Queen Victoria (1887), Diamond Jubilee motif, Wireless Telegraph, Relief of Mafeking

The postage stamp on the back is the same as the illustration on the front and is lightly hand stamped in a roundel:

House of Lords S.W.1
8 SE