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#73 Gary Cross July 23, 2016
Hi Melvyn. Just a note to inform you that the Southwark Model Railway Club will be having a running night on Thursday 11th August, 6:30-9:00pm. Crystal Palace High Level will be up and running with part of the overall roof fitted. CPF members and friends are welcome! Our details are on
#72 Chairman July 25, 2015
We recently received a large collection of Crystal Palace memorabilia from the estate of a CPF member. Contained therein was a quantity of archives belonging to a Gwyn Warwick Aldred late of Thornton Heath. If anyone knows the whereabouts of confirmed Next-of-Kin of Mr Aldred please would they contact us as we have family documents and information to impart that will be to their advantage.
#71 Malcolm Fairman June 01, 2015
From My family History. Cyril Fairman was my father and he lived with a family called Rainer. Colin was their son'

Colin remembers that from the back of the house they could see the twin towers of Crystal Palace above the trees. Then one night in 1936, they realised it was on fire, and so heading off in Cyril's car they went to watch. The fireman had trouble controlling the blaze because there were so many people watching and they kept stepping on the hosepipes thereby lowering the water pressure.

At the same time, Alan Vickers, only four at the time, was watching events from the home in Croydon. At the back of 37 Southend Road was a steel staircase, “My father took me there and told me to ‘look at that glow in the sky’, I saw it and then he said ‘that’s Crystal Palace burning’. So I saw that and still remember it. One of my earliest memories.”
#70 Tim Clarke May 14, 2015
Quoting Jenni Mohamed:
As a kid I played a lot up crystal palace park. We ventured into the railway tunnel and played amongst the ruins of the old exhibition and the dinasaurs in the park. One thing I remember is discovering an old building and upon looking inside was jammed packed full of old statues. Where are those statues now?

As a child remember playing around the statues and terraces. Many of the statues were vandalised in the 60's and 70's i have a part of one retreived from a council skip in the late 70's takes pride of place in my garden, theres a complete one(Pacific) in Dacres road Sydenham in front of the flats. I remember the building full of statues somewhere near the terraces Many of them were sold off in an auction where are they now.Used to watch the cars and bikes racing.
Great place
#69 Mariela Miranda March 10, 2015
I am the great great grand daughter of George Daniels Burley. My great grand mother used to talk about the work her father, George Daniels, did on the plumbing of the fountains of the Crystal Palace in 1851, before he moved to Chile.
#68 Dimity Dawson December 30, 2014
I have been working as a volunteer with a 95 year old man who lived in Anerley and who, when he was 10, sold programmes at the Crystal Palace and has really clear memories and stories about the Palace, Sir Henry Buckland and the local area.
He would love to have his stories recorded, either by film, audio or writing.
Is anyone able to help with this??
I fear he doesn't have a lot of time left!!
#67 John Greatrex December 30, 2014
London is considering applying to host the 2025 World Expo. Decision expected by 2016.
Previous London Expos were 1851 Hyde Park Crystal Palace and 1852 South Kensington.
Google London 2025 for further information.
#66 John Greatrex December 24, 2014
Quoting Diesel Balaam:
The Crystal Palace marks such an important part in UK and world history, I am surprised there isn't a campaign to rebuild it, at least in part. Presumably the original plans still exist and new uses could be found for a partially rebuilt palace? Its legacy is truly captivating for a great many people, as demonstrated in Dirk Bogarde's autobiography when he records his sadness as a child on hearing of its destruction by fire in 1936.

Well, perhaps on June 8th 2015 - the 150th anniversary of Paxton's death - there will be some good news about his original Crystal Palace.
#65 D. E. Thomas December 19, 2014
Is there a Celtic name for the Crystal Palace area.
There is one for Penge (Penceat - meaning the edge of the wood)
#64 John P August 28, 2014
Hi. I wonder if someone on here can help me out?

I'm doing some research on blue plaques at the moment. There's one to Camille Pissarro on the wall of the National Westminster Bank at 77a Westow Hill, Crystal Palace.

It's blue and looks just like an official one from English Heritage, but it says it's from the Crystal Palace Foundation.

I came to this website looking for more info, but I can't find anything.

Did the Crystal Palace Foundation put up any other plaques? If so, is there a list of them somewhere?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


PS If you don't want to leave a comment here, you can drop me a line at BluePlaquesGuy@

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